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SmartMoney Monday: Home Renovations – Hawaii News Now

SmartMoney Monday: Home Renovations
Hawaii News Now
Hawaii News Now and Bank of Hawaii are continuing to take viewers' questions about finance and home renovations. In this week's SmartMoney Monday, Brandy asks, "If I make renovations to my home, how does the value of my renovations get added to the …

Millenials Just Like the Rest of Us When it Comes to Home Renovations – Wall Street Journal (blog)

Wall Street Journal (blog)
Millenials Just Like the Rest of Us When it Comes to Home Renovations
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Trends in home renovations have become increasingly important for the housing industry because fewer Americans are trading up and more are willing to take on the headache of improving their current homes in the aftermath of the housing crash. Interest

Tips for Keeping Pets Happy and Safe During Home Renovations – Huffington Post

Tips for Keeping Pets Happy and Safe During Home Renovations
Huffington Post
No matter the scale or the time frame, construction projects are stressful, expensive and time consuming. Between the budgeting, design decisions and inconvenient living situation, your pet's safety and comfort might be the last thing that's on your

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The Smart Way To Bring An Older House Back To Life


The word character is so overused when it comes to architecture. It’s used for everything from old and run down, to renovated and rejuvenated. When it comes to old houses, the word character fits the bill. The design layouts of old houses were anything but practical. New construction houses are built for efficiency. Old houses were built for purpose and design. However, renovating an older house can be quite expensive and frustrating if not well planned.

Planning is the first step in older home renovation, and it’s often the one that gets overlooked. One thing that many historians-to-be do wrong is jump into cosmetic upgrades. Older homes are obviously older, so there needs to be an assessment of architectural and structural integrity before renovating a home to its former glory. Home rebuilders need to be aware of issues that need immediate attention, such as cracked foundations or roofs in disrepair. It’s fun to shop for that vintage authentic front door, but if you ignore issues that impact livability, you might face an unexpected disaster.

Another thing that renovators should do is plan with the future in mind. If you intend to finish a basement into a living area, you need to plan for this in the early stages. This could require electrical and other code upgrades. If you’re working with a restoration contractor, you should make sure they’re informed of your plans as well. Contractors will be able to help you realize your vision, or they can help you reel it in if your vision out paces the reality of your older home.

One great feature of older homes is the authentic flooring. Modern flooring is beautiful, but it can’t duplicate the characteristics and variations of real wood flooring. Often though, the floors original to older houses are in disrepair. So, renovators attempt to install antique flooring in its place. This is usually a poor decision because it’s impossible to match the characteristics of a home, and antique flooring usually looks different before installation. Flooring is a restoration world of its own. These days, many renovators are opting for faux restoration quality flooring. Basically, this is newer flooring designed to look antique. It’s usually in better shape and will inevitably be less troublesome. Additionally, with restoration technology it’s easier to match restoration quality flooring with the other characteristics and the design goals of your old home.

There are many ways to restore an older home to its former glory using modern construction. The charm of an older home is not only the history of the past, but also it’s the history to be created by you and your loved ones.